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Conference Clients

  • Governments wanting to invigorate exploration interest in their countries

  • International oil companies and start-ups looking for overseas assets

  • Companies wanting to investigate new regions

  • Geological Services companies

Projects have included:

  • Identifying and securing key blocks and partners in East Africa for the Black Marlin Energy Limited (BML TSX) group of companies, (2005-2010), purchased by AFREN in 2010 (and subsequently destroyed)

  • MDOilAssisting the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) with its first and second formal licence rounds, building up a digital database, undertaking reviews and editorials with project partners from inspection to successful closure. The work in Jamaica provided the basis for understanding Chortis to the east and the petroleum geology of Honduras.

  • Third Tanzanian offshore round assistance, 2005, this is when East Africa opened up in turn this was followed by the discovery of huge gas reserves in the southern half of this vast region. The oil potential yet to be realized

  • Contributing a new understanding to the petroleum geology of East Africa, previously dismissed "as gas prone at best". To date companies have targeted gas, the huge oil potential remains untapped

  • Dismissed the Cretaceous source myth. An oil prone Mesozoic/Upper Palaeozoic source whilst not encountered yet in the offshore has been accepted by some as the key source

  • Identifying and securing key blocks and partners in the Caribbean & Central America for CaribX Limited (2010 to present day)

  • Identifying and securing key blocks and partners in East Africa for Adamantine Energy (2012 to present day)

  • Established the East Africa Oil Forum to identify & high grade the oil prone areas (2016)

  • Established Helium Resources Limited to explore for helium, 2016, measured and mapped helium anomalies

  • Committee member of Geological; Society of London's Caribbean Petroleum group 2018-2019

  • Conference Clients have included :

    Adamantine Energy
    BG Group
    Black Marlin
    CaribX Limited
    Cluff Natural Resources
    Finder Exploration Pty
    Harvest Natural Resources
    Helium Resources Limited
    Liberty Petroleum
    Saba Bank Resources
    World Petroleum Services
    Helium Resources Limited
    Helium Aragon Pty Limited
    Cluff Energy Africa